Bellwood Inn's History

The historic country inn has been family owned since 1929.It is the site of the original general store, grainery, blacksmith shop, ice house, stables and one room school house, where our pet deer Skippy attended classes regularly with the many local children.

The foundation for the 3000 square foot Inn was excavated by my father’s team of horses
Old Mac and Paddy, and is situated on 17 acres of the original 200 acre parcel. It is where my father, Peter Mask (a young blacksmith of Polish descent) and my mother, Hazel Furnier (a young business woman), first met and married in the 1920’s and started a business. They raised a family of six children when Algonquin Park was young with a promise for the future.

I was born the youngest of the six, delivered by our beloved village doctor with my sister as his nurse. When my husband (a German immigrant whose family settled in the Ottawa valley) and I married in 1969 the city pulled us away for school and work, but our hearts remain to continue what my parents began. We returned here to restore, replenish and relish our roots. My husband’s hard work and many talents made it all possible.
My three brothers became guides, forest and canoe rangers. They were taught the ways of the bush by local Indians at my father’s side from very young. My other sister became a school teacher and taught in a one room school house like the one that graced our property. This place has countless stories to tell. My parents sold supplies to the lumber camps and harvested ice from the lake in the winter for sale in the summer before refrigeration was a common reality. Our horses ploughed the garden and brought home the firewood .Beaver pelts were bought and sold from the Indians to provide income through the long winter. The fall hunt supplemented food for the family as did the whitefish run. My father spent long periods in lumber camps working as a blacksmith. While my mother kept the home fires burning in the sometimes -40 degree F temperature. We and our guests enjoyed home-baked bread and pies, all baked in a wood burning stove, which we still have to this day, but has since been retired for a job well done.

Enjoy your stay with us as you experience this cradle of nature in a simple unsophisticated dwelling that was a home and a dream before it was a business. Many thanks to our guests from Germany, Netherlands (who were our first guests), France, Italy, Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Asia, USA, Canada, and South America.

We travel the world through your eyes and never leave home. We extend a hearty welcome and look forward to greeting you.